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The Miami Dolphins have been trying for years to be like the New England Patriots, reigning kings of the NFL and eternal potentates of the AFC East, when it’s a more realistic goal that is within reach.Cheap Nfl Jerseys.Resolve first to reach the level of the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team that after nearly a quarter century in operation still sounds like a semi-pro outfit to most of America but one that is playing postseason football this weekend, nonetheless.Cheap Jerseys.This isn’t easy to admit, but the overall progress of the Jags and Dolphins hasn’t been all that different over the past 10 years.


Hey, that’s pretty much the same thing that happened last year when Jay Ajayi busted loose for 204 yards and a couple of touchdowns in Miami’s midseason win over Pittsburgh, right? He never had broken 50 yards on a single Sunday prior to that, and the Dolphins had made no previous sign that they had a six-game win streak or a 10-6 finish in them, either.Custom Jerseys.All that turnaround momentum from Adam Gase’s first year as Dolphins coach is gone now, and so is Ajayi. If Miami fans are looking for an alternate target to boost from here to the Super Bowl, they could hitch a ride with the J-Train and his new team, the Philadelphia Eagles.Or they could jump aboard the Jags Bus. It’s a double-decker, with plenty of room, like the ones they have in London.It’s a good weekend overall for putting down roots in the TV room and watching the NFL do its postseason thing. Cheap Authentic Jerseys.If Atlanta can keep moving toward some kind of Super Bowl redemption story, and if the Falcons can keep doing it on the road as a No. 6 seed, that would be interesting.


There’s a soft spot, too, for Minnesota quarterback Case Keenum, who is making his first postseason start against former Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.Wholesale Jerseys. researchers point out that no quarterback in his playoff debut has beaten a quarterback with 10 or more postseason starts since Denver’s Tim Tebow stunned Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger in 2011.